Upon meditation, you may decide to join us in our quest to activate Segregated Witness on the Bitcoin Network; in the process accreting that the Bitcoin Users hold the natural and rightful ownership over their own network. We suggest you research about SegWit and learn how UASF's work. Once you feel that you have a basic understanding. Please consider to download and run versions of Bitcoin Software that implement the BIP 148 protocol.

Your help on the Bitcoin Forums is also important; take part in the community, however be very strategic with your time and energy: The forums are full of AI, paid trolls, and vote manipulation.

If you are a developer, please consider to help with the development of the Bitcoin, possibly even encouraging and helping other Bitcoin projects to adopt BIP 148.


Why participate? For recognition, inspiration, and an amazing hope that we can all refer to showing people how amazing Bitcoin really is!

This site serves as equal parts inspiration for those fighting the for Freedom, it centrally isn't a tool to troll anyone in particular; it's something that humanities future generations we can all look back on.